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I would like to introduce you this new category of the website with a few notes regarding physical activity and its relationship with health.

What is meant by physical activity?
Physical activity (PA) means any bodily movement made by the muscular-skeletal system that results in energy expenditure above basal levels.
PA encompasses exercise, sports and physical activities done as part of daily living, occupation, leisure and active transportation.
However, the term “PA” is not a synonym of “exercise”. Exercise represents a subcategory of PA that is planned, structured and repetitive having as final or intermediate objective the improvement or maintenance of physical fitness.

Why PA and health?
It is well known that PA’s practice plays an important role in the promotion of health. PA might also be considered as non-invasive therapy for physical and mental health diseases.
However, the lack of PA’s practice is still high and physical inactivity represents the 6% of global deaths. Therefore, strategies aimed to improve the regular practice of PA are essential for every range of age.
It is very simple: just start moving, one step at a time, to keep your body and mind healthy!

Based on these few basic concepts, the category “PA and Health” will cover any types of PA related to health, prevention and well-being giving also importance to the psycho-sociological dimension.
So, let’s keep in touch! Especially with the practice of PA.


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