Dear readers,have you ever wondered whether art might play a role in promoting and maintaining health? There is a great […]
(Per scaricare gratuitamente l’articolo, clicca qui). Hi there!Today we’ll have a deeper look into a type of PA for T1D […]
Dear readers,since today is the International Day of People with Disabilities we would like to give a brief outline on […]
(Per ricevere una scheda di allenamento personalizzata clicca qui) The lack of good muscle condition and the reduction in bone […]
Dear readers, Diabetes belongs to NCDs. Let’s have an outline on this other main type of noncommunicable disease. What is […]
Hi there! In the previous articles, we saw how atherosclerosis can cause damage to the arteries, developing cardiovascular disease.We have seen the myocardial […]
Dear readers, After the brief outline on cardiovascular diseases, today we will focus on myocardial infarction, popularly known as a heart attack. […]
Hi there!In this article we’ll talk about atherosclerosis, a chronic and progressive cardiovascular disease that affect adults and elderly, causing […]
Hi there! In the previous article, we defined what is hypertension and we talked about the benefits of physical exercise to control […]
Hi there! In one of the previous articles, we talked about cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), which are non-communicable diseases affecting the […]